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Mendocino Heart is a curated online market place for Mendocino creatives.

Requirements for vendors:

  • Live in Mendocino county (part or full time)
  • Make your own quality creations;

arts, crafts, food, herbals, clothes, jewelry, furniture etc..

  • have a bank account/paypal account to get paid

   (tax id is your responsibility)

  • be able to fulfill orders with a solid inventory and handle returns
  • be committed to selling online

There are different rates for different needs.

Free to join once approved. aims to solve several problems for creatives;

  • Pride of place and brand identity;

Your own online shop under the desirable Mendocino branding.

Inbuilt credit card and PayPal payment system; book-keeping; inventory and order management tools with links to Facebook and Instagram. (SEED*)

  • Efficiency of time management;

Less time spent getting frustrated on the computer dealing with building websites, social media* etc…more time making cool stuff.

Increased online marketing power with the latest instagram marketing tools (SPROUT*) using the desirable Mendocino branding.

  • Economy:

Supporting local economy by creating more opportunity for local creatives to reach a worldwide market.

Cross promoting a circular economy within local community and supporting each other with  incentivizing referral percentages. (coming 2019)

A no cost start up presence on the web ready to take orders. No listing costs, extra transaction fees.

A % of sales is automatically deducted when you get paid according to the rate you choose.

  • Priority:

First right of refusal for craft fair events in Mendocino hosted by Mendocino Heart.

  • Network:

Be part of an local online, county-wide creative community supporting each other with requested advice, sharing techniques etc..positive and encouraging attitudes; posting workshops, events meet ups, tool swaps etc… (coming 2019)